From March 15, 2017 until March 17, 2017, Haverford Middle School (HMS) held their HOPE Olympics event, which was the culmination of a month-long fundraising effort resulting in over $59,000 raised for local families with cancer. Activities included relays, knock-out tournaments, jump rope contests, a dodge ball tournament, and homeroom competitions. To get the students even more excited about the event, one of our families, The Schebs, spoke to their peers about how Bringing Hope Home impacted their family. The event was led by Haverford’s own Gold Team, a group of responsible, active and service-oriented students who committed to spreading Unexpected Amazingness at HMS. Kateri S., a student at HMS, shares her thoughts on the experience,

“Cancer affects almost everyone in some way. The money that we raise goes to families in need in my community — people who I may see shopping in the grocery store or taking a walk by my house. Being able to directly help people in my community makes me feel much more connected to those we’re helping.”

Abby W., who is also a student, echoed Kateri’s thoughts saying,

“Cancer is a real emotional struggle, and people going through it should not also have to worry about keeping up with their monthly bills.”

These students could not have pulled this event off without the help of their principal, Dan Horan, and teachers Ed Brocklesby, Ryan Grabias, Tony Miglionico, Devin Schmidt, Dan Tallon, Steph Viola, and Mike Cardarelli, who put in an extreme amount of work to make this an impactful experience for everyone involved.

To celebrate this enormous accomplishment, BHH, Commonwealth Insurance Advantage and ACME Markets were proud to present Haverford Middle School with the 2017 Commonwealth Cup!

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Through our Students Bringing Hope Program, Haverford Middle School as well as many other schools can achieve amazing things. BHH offers a service- learning style of involvement so students can understand the impact that they are making. Students learn…

  • To recognize their leadership ability.
  • To understand and value empathy.
  • And to act with initiative and lead change.

The students who are a part of this program definitely create unexpected amazingness for families with cancer, and BHH is so proud to work with such passionate and caring students!

Would you like to get your school involved? Visit the student section of our website and email to get started!