Lip Dub Cover
Springfield Township Middle School is the true definition of amazingness. The students recently teamed up with BHH this year, raising $5,000 for their classmate that is currently battling cancer.Check out how these students are bringing hope HOME to support their classmate with cancer, in addition to other BHH families, through a high-energy, inspirational lip dub!

They raised enough to not only help their classmate, but they were also able to support 4 other local families effected by cancer through the BHH Light Of Hope Family Grant Program, which pays household bills for families with cancer in the Greater Philadelphia Area. They performed a lip dub to Phillip Phillip’s “HOME”, which they dedicated to the families that we serve.


Springfield Township Middle Schools principal Lauren Davis states:

“After one of our eighth graders was diagnosed with cancer, many of the students wanted to do something to impact the community. We were able to team up with Bringing Hope Home, raising over $5,000, and helping over 5 families in our local community who have been effected by cancer.”


Their lip dub is nothing short of inspiring…and certainly is the definition of amazingness. We would love for these students to be recognized for their incredible spirit and with your help, our video could go viral! Join in by sharing the video on your social media using #unexpectedamazingness


Great job Springfield Township Middle School students, staff and everyone involved!