The dictionary defines luck as “an unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorably for an individual, group, or cause.” 

However, tell any good poker player this, and they’d be quick to tell you that luck has nothing to do with achieving wealth and success; it’s the people who surround you, and how you play the cards you are dealt. Ask anyone who has won the lottery, and they would tell you it’s persistence and good faith. Ask any good botanist, and they would tell it’s all about your perception; it’s what the four leaf clover represents to you that makes it lucky, not its makeup.


With our Saint Patty’s Day 5K coming up on Saturday 3/15, we at Bringing Hope Home have come to realize how much we have in common with the four leaf clover and what it represents.


The rare four leaf clover occurs in nature from a somatic mutation in its cells, making them produce four leaves, instead of three. Ironically enough, these somatic mutations also can occur in humans, sometimes causing cancer. Tradition tells us that the clover brings luck to those who find them. We feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by the amazing families we serve, the continued support of our donors, and the time and talent dedicated by our volunteers. And though cancer is a dark and scary thing, our goal every day is to provide a light of hope to our families, similar to unexpectedly finding a four leaf clover.


Some would call it luck, but we at BHH call it unexpected amazingness. 


Each leaf on the clover represents something different, but altogether they encapsulate what BHH stands for. The first leaf represents faith, the second hope, the third love, and the fourth luck. These ideas and values are what keeps us going; they are why and how we are here for you. Each represents our beliefs in the family we have here, the friendships we’ve made, and the unexpected amazingness we bring.


The only thing missing from clover is four more leaves representing: fun, laughter, good vibes, and a great cardiovascular system. Coming up tomorrow we have the Saint Patty’s Day 5K in downtown West Chester, and we hope you can come out and celebrate, run, or just bring us some luck. We’re asking that you wear your silliest green attire, and start practicing your best Irish accent. After the race, please join us for shenanigans, refreshments, Irish jigging, and Saint Patty’s Day drink specials!


You can find out more about the race and register here! Erin Go Braugh!




 Written by Emily Durkin, March 14, 2014