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I couldn’t help but laugh, cry, drool, and fawn over the flawless celebrities of the Oscars this past Sunday.  The awards were distributed, memories were made, and all their hard work was appreciated. Every writer, director, and actor works for that exact moment; a confirmation that they may have changed the way others view the world. Starting in 2013 Philly DoGooder launched a similar award show, but instead of showing appreciation for actors playing parts in films, they award real people that play huge roles in the community.


The Second Annual Philly DoGooder Awards are scheduled for March 12th at 7pm and will be focusing on community building. As part of the HOPE Squad, if you use promo code DOGOODHMC tickets are only $15 per person to attend. Last year the event concentrated on the collaboration of local nonprofits and independent filmmakers. This year they have expanded the awards to include two other categories honoring the individuals and organizations that are leaders in our community. Even though I am the newest team member of Bringing Hope Home, I speak for all of us in saying we are truly humbled to be an Organization Community Impact Leader finalist.


Being nominated as a finalist means so much, it is the confirmation that BHH has helped in building a stronger community, building a stronger family. I already have enjoyed seeing the work BHH does and can tell each member of the team truly enjoys what they do; the people they’ve encountered, the families they’ve helped, and the hope they deliver to local families with cancer who truly need it.


On Sunday, a woman whose mom was helped through our Light of Hope Family Grant shared with us something that was more rewarding than any Oscar:


“Thank you for what you doing for cancer patients and their family. Your organization brought one of my mom’s last smiles on her face. Priceless memory!”


The feedback helped me to realize that a strong film may change the way you view the world, but a strong community can change the way you appreciate the world; a flawless actor may change your day, but a helping hand can change your life.


Thanks for truly being a DoGooder in our community, BHH! I am honored to be a part of this family.




-Written by Emily Durkin, BHH Social Media Intern