“Hi Beth, my name is Judy and I’m with Bringing Hope Home. Your social worker submitted your application for our grant program and I’m calling to see how I can help with some of your bills.”

This is how the Bringing Hope Home Family Department spends most of their day. On the phone with families, talking about how we can help.

No Family call is the same. Some calls are really difficult and emotional. Some Families have just been newly diagnosed and are struggling to navigate their way through appointments, medical talk, new medications, side effects and the unknown. Some Families are single parents, raising children alone while trying to work and finish up treatment. Other Families have a child who is ill, whose mom or dad have to decide whether to stay home and care for their sick son or daughter, or go to work and pay the bills. Some Families are getting their affairs in order as they don’t want to cause an additional burden for their Family when they pass.

Some calls are uplifting, talking with Families that no matter how challenging their day has been, thank God to be alive and know that they will get better. Other Families just finished their treatment and are celebrating their survivorship. Many Families leave us feeling inspired with their determination, positivity, and will to live.


No matter the situation or the Family’s story, one resounding similarity is that cancer is causing stress and struggle for Families going through it.


BHH Founder & CEO Paul Isenberg shared, “When my late wife Nicole was battling cancer, we met so many people at the hospital who were struggling financially. We saw the effects it was having on them stressing about their co-pays, missing work, travel expenses, and so much more. Even more surprising was the number of Families we met who were going through this illness alone. We had so much support from our friends, family, church, and school who were so good to us. We were so blessed. But we realized some people had nobody.”

That’s where Bringing Hope Home comes in. We get to talk with Families and let them know that we are here to help and they are not alone. By assisting Families with a one-time grant, we will pay the rent, mortgage, gas, electric, water, and phone bills, as well as provide help with groceries and other household necessities. That means less worrying over the electric being shut-off, working internet so your kids can do their homework, running water, and food on the table.

We have impacted the lives of over 12,000+ people in our local community who are struggling with cancer. We have helped families with over $5,934,000 in direct support thanks to HOPE Nation, which is made up of our amazing donors, supporters, volunteers, schools and so many amazing people in our community who want to give back and do good for families in need. We could not do it without each and every one of you who have been involved with us and provide support in so many different ways.

Today of all days, it means so much to hear one of our families tell us, “You brought such a smile to my face today. Thank you!” We try to end each family call better than it started, and bring hope and comfort to the family on the other end of the phone. We are so proud to say that we have officially done this for 5,000 local families and look forward to continuing to bring Unexpected Amazingness to the next 5,000!


You can help to support another family in need by making a contribution here.