On September 9, 2014, Bringing Hope Home hosted the 10th Annual Divine 9 Open Golf Outing at White Manor Country Club with over 110 participants and over $100,000 raised to support our families, and we couldn’t be more grateful!


2014 Event Recap


The day kicked off with an amazing and inspiring demonstration of golf tricks and stunts by the talented Ben Witter, who is a 10 time cancer survivor. Who would’ve thought it was possible to drive a golf ball while standing on a medicine ball?! After the show it was off to the course for the scramble, and all teams had a blast. They even had the opportunity to try out some trick shots themselves (some more successful than others)!

After hours of hard work on the golf course, everyone enjoyed each other’s company at dinner, rounding out a day filled with golf, entertainment, food and fun–all to raise money for Bringing Hope Home to pay critical household bills for local families with cancer. With the support of our sponsors and participants of 2014’s Divine 9 Event, over 80 local families affected by cancer will be provided with a grant to ensure they are able to stay in their home, with the lights on, utilities working and food on the table.

How the Divine9 Open Began

The Divine 9 Open Golf Outing was established by Jeff Dittus in memory of his father Mort, who passed away of cancer. This is an event to celebrate life, golf and a man who loved both. Before Morton passed away, Jeff never got the chance to really say his goodbyes. If given the chance, Jeff would have thanked his father for his greatest gift: teaching him to play golf when he was young and supporting his habit while he obtained an education.

Through this wonderful game, Jeff’s father instilled in him values that remain core to his personal ethos – respect, humility and integrity. Since his Divine 9 wood brought him so much pleasure, his family promised to bury him with it. When the burial day came unexpectedly, the family kept their promise and laid his trusty 9 wood next to him.
We are so thankful to all of our participants that came out for an amazing day of fun on the golf course in order to help us continue to aid our incredible families. Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you next year!

Check out pictures from the event!


Save The Date for next years Divine9 Open!

11th Annual Divine9 Open Golf Outing
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
White Manor Country Club
More details to come!