The Great Guys Group is in the running to win $2,500 through GOOD Maker, a new online platform for catalyzing social change. GOOD has asked the community to submit ideas on how to do good in our community, and will invite the public to choose a winner. Great Guys Group proposes to use the funds to pay bills for families battling cancer while they are going through treatment. We understand that when a cancer diagnosis occurs, it affects the entire family. We directly pay household bills to help alleviate the financial stress that cancer brings. This ensures that families are able to stay in their homes, with the lights on, heat turned up, phones working, and food on the table. Currently, the Great Guys Group achieves a return on investment of 2:1 for each donor dollar. In addition, the Great Guys Group connects families to additional resources that can continue to assist them on their road to recovery and needs your vote to win!

There is a bankruptcy every 60 seconds in the United States, and 60% of cases cite healthcare costs as a leading factor in bankruptcy. The average out of pocket cost for a family battling cancer is over $20,000…even with health insurance and 70% of bank home foreclosures listed healthcare expenses as the leading cause. There are currently 106,000 people in the Greater Philadelphia alone that are struggling with cancer TODAY and need our help TODAY!

With these funds, we can help a few of those families by taking over their house bills and living up to our mission to keeping hope alive for families battling cancer in the Greater Philadelphia Area through emotional and financial support. Be a light of hope during a time of great stress.

Vote with us and share the greatness to help us win and help a family in need.

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