The Generosity Continues for the Great Guys Group

Extending the Adopt-A-Family Program for 2012

From left to right: Helen Brother, Amy Forkin and Linda Brother. Helen is currently being treated for brain cancer.

At the dawn of the 2011 Holiday season, the Great Guys Group developed and released an inventive program called “Adopt A Great Family” to persuade gift givers to refocus their holiday shopping tasks to those who are being hit especially hard this season. This program allowed a donor to connect with one family in particular who was in need of help over the holidays. Donors were able to pay bills directly for their “adopted” family and also had the option to buy holiday gifts for their family as well.

The mission of the Great Guys Group is to “bring hope home” and with the Adopt-A-Family program, this mission was accomplished. In total, 34 companies, families, and schools participated in the Adopt-A-Great Family Program. Through the contributions of these 34 groups, $38,000 was raised and was used to directly help 55 families battling cancer in our area. The program also provided holiday gifts for 5 families and provided countless others with grocery gift cards to buy holiday meals.

Two families in particular that benefited from this program were the Rafferty Family of Deptford, NJ and the Brothers Family of West Philadelphia. The Rafferty Family had repairs done to their family vehicle, received gifts for their children, and were given a Visa gift card to help with their holiday meal. The Brothers Family was provided with new winter coats, gloves, scarves, boots, and a gift card to GIANT for their holiday dinner.

Linda Rafferty says, “Thank you SO much for everything! To all who made a hard, painful year turn out to be one filled with so much gratitude and love in my heart! Words are not enough. I lost a lot of what I won this year except my car to be able to fix it and drive without raindrops falling on my head means the world to me. Also to have gifts for my family it’s so meaningful that I can share the love. Thank you for helping my family and me. Gives me such hope for the new year.”

As the calendar turned to 2012, the Great Guys Group has decided to continue the program. The program encourages group participation and creative fundraisers done on the grassroots level. You can persuade your boss to have Casual Wednesday for a donation, skip your weekly coffee or ask for donations to help a local family fighting cancer instead of asking for birthday gifts. That is a gift that can never be replaced.

To adopt YOUR great family for the year, please download this PDF and join in the greatness!