“When we decided to do the mannequin challenge Bringing Hope Home was the first organization that came to our minds. Not only do they help families with cancer but they help local families in our area. It took us a long time to print, number, and cut 1000 tickets to sell at all of the grade level lunches. We had someone from our committee sell at 6th, 7th, and 8th grade lunches every day for a week and a half. Knowing that this video would put smiles on kids and families faces made it all worth it. Most families who have a loved one with cancer could use something to cheer them up every once in a while which was our goal for this video. Each grade was very cooperative, and we even got our administrators in it! This video would not be as great as it is without the help of our Student Council leaders Mrs. Holladay, and Mrs. West. As well as Mr. Patton (the videographer), and Mrs. Cherubino who played the music as the students stood still. The amount of support from the Stetson Middle School staff is the reason this fundraiser turned out as a success. It also had a lot to do with our school participation and spirit. We had about 90 sixth graders, 40 seventh grader, and 25 eighth graders. We were thrilled to see the level of participation and couldn’t wait to see the amount we would raisefor this cause.


We know that all of the money raised from our
video will help out a family that could really use it, and we know our video will help every family that has a loved one with cancer by bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.


We hope you enjoy our video!”

-Sara Jackson, Lucy Ross, and Alina Bassett, Coordinators of the 2017 Mannequin Challenge

The Stetson Mannequin Challenge raised $350 for Bringing Hope Home! This money will have a direct, immediate impact on local families with cancer.

Thank you to everyone involved!