Kimberly Rabago is an oncology social worker from Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, PA, who has worked closely with Bringing Hope Home. Kimberly has referred 47 local families to our Light of Hope Family Grant Program and holiday Adopt-A-Family Program. Kimberly took some time to share a bit about herself, her work before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her experience working with Bringing Hope Home.

Kimberly has been working as a social worker for 15 years and is currently working at Grandview Hospital. Aside from her career, Kimberly is a mother of three who loves spending time with her family.  Kimberly has always been a helper at heart and gravitated to social work because of her medical background.

Kimberly’s work entails meeting with patients and identifying their needs. Although every day is different, Kimberly focuses on looking at the whole picture of how patients are doing socially, emotionally, and financially. Her main goal is to provide as much support as needed.

The most fulfilling part of Kimberly’s job is getting to know the patients and hearing their stories. “Everybody has a different story and a different way they came to be. Their lives are very interesting and getting to hear patients talking about their background and finding out more about them creates a real connection,” shared Kimberly.

During the pandemic, Kimberly experienced the challenge of not being able to see the patients face-to-face. The COVID and cancer experience has brought on such worry in people’s lives, and Kimberly has witnessed patients’ struggle to navigate their lives through such a hard time. No matter the circumstances, Kimberly loves her work and is dedicated to always showing up and supporting the patients.

Kimberly first discovered Bringing Hope Home through the hospital’s financial navigator, who shared Bringing Hope Home’s mission and financial assistance grants and programs, such as the Light of Hope Family Grant Program. Kimberly’s experience working with Bringing Hope Home has always been wonderful, but especially during the pandemic.

“I don’t think anyone could anticipate the pandemic’s effect, but organizations such as Bringing Hope Home have stepped up and have been so supportive in ways that words cannot express. Bringing Hope Home’s Adopt-A-Family Program’s gift cards for Christmas were extremely helpful and allowed families to celebrate in a time where they thought there might be no Christmas.”

Lastly, Kimberly shared that the quote she lives by is, “What we know matters, but who we are matters more,” from Brené Brown. After speaking to Kimberly and seeing her involvement with Bringing Hope Home, it is apparent that who she is, is someone who is dedicated to looking for any way she can help others.

We at Bringing Hope Home continuously thank Kimberly for her work and her involvement in our organization.


Interview and article by BHH intern Jessica Rossbauer