After the riveting success of their very first HOPE Olympics, Haverford Middle School relit the torch this past March for their second annual fundraiser! With the combined dedication of the Physical Education and Health departments, all of the faculty involved put together an amazing service project for the students to enjoy. Bringing Hope Home is grateful to have the ambitious and talented community surrounding Haverford alongside them in the fight against cancer!

Haverford’s Hope Olympics was a month-long fundraiser that included many of the great events that made their first one such a great success. Led by the Gold Team of their 8th grade students leaders, the opening ceremony for the HOPE Olympics kicked off with a school-wide assembly to hype up the student body and remind them that all of their hard work is helping assist a great cause! In the duration of the month, students held their own homeroom competitions to see which one could raise the most money and also held pretzel sales at school events to contribute even more!

The highlight of the 2nd annual HOPE Olympics was the three days of sportive competition. Each of the sixth, seventh and eighth grades had the opportunity to prove who had what it takes to be the champion of AMAZINGNESS. The events included relays races, knockout basketball competitions, dodgeball matches that the teachers of Haverford couldn’t help but jump into, and the always coveted half-court shot contest. All of the grades had an amazing time competing amongst one another, and in the eyes of Bringing Hope Home, they all brought home the gold!

We’re inspired by how far and wide Haverford Middle School has been able to spread the awareness of BHH’s mission. This year, their HOPE Olympics raised a total of $68,074.23.

This incredible effort earned Haverford Middle School the Commonwealth Cup for the second year in a row. Sponsored by Commonwealth Insurance Advantage, the Commonwealth Cup is bestowed annually upon the school or student organization

Way to go, HMS! From the bottom of our hearts and the families’ lives you’ll be able to change with all of your donations, thank you so much!


Written by: Stephen Polcino, Spring 2018 Intern