It is with great pleasure and excitement that we share some very big news with you. We just reached a huge milestone as an organization and recently assisted over 3,000 families with cancer!



Since 2008, we have worked extremely hard to raise over $3.7 million to help families in their time of need through financial and emotional support while going through cancer treatment. Families assisted receive a one-time grant used to pay a variety of household necessities, such as, mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, groceries, transportation, and car repairs. Families also have the opportunity to receive gifts through our Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program.


CBS3 and medical reporter Stephanie Stahl recently highlighted Bringing Hope Home and the impactful work we are doing in the community for local families with cancer. You can read the full article here.



“We pay household necessities on the financial side, rent, mortgages, utility, car payment, food, whatever else they need, and on the emotional side we let them know they’re not alone,” – Paul Isenberg, CEO

Check out the 3,000th Family Celebration Video below:


A huge thanks to every single one of the 3,000+ members of the BHH family! We couldn’t have done it without our families and thank them for opening up their hearts to us during an extremely hard time. We also would not be where we are without our generous donors, loyal supporters and countless volunteers who offer us their time, talent and support throughout the year. Our work is not done…we are now working hard to help the next 3,000 families.


THANK YOU, HOPE SQUAD. Cheers to 3,000 more!