Paul Isenberg will serve as the Guest Dad at Fatherhood and Leadership’s Breakfast on Thursday, February 28th. The program will focus on men who want to grow in their faith and become the best Fathers and Husbands they can be.


“I am humbled to be involved with the Fatherhood Leadership Initiative, which brings men together and encourages them to be the best fathers they can be. The mission is very much in line with our Great Guys legacy and I’m proud help foster the growth of future generations of fathers and husbands.”

-Paul Isenberg

Fatherhood and Leadership is a national organization started in 2008 by a group of local Philadelphia men. These men realized their most important mission was to develop their children emotionally, spiritually, and socially; but there were few resources available to help successfully fulfill this vocation.

The Fatherhood & Leadership Initiative seeks to fill that void. The mission of FLI is to provide values-based education, tools, and activities that enable men to become better Fathers and Leaders of their families.

To see the FLI Event Flyer for more information, click here.