The Albadine family came to Bringing Hope Home after they needed some assistance. Husband and father, Nicol, was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. When asked to tell his story, he replied,

“The diagnosis of cancer, along with a colostomy bag, and now a questionable resection of the kidney has made for a very, very long several months. Having worked in the field of autism for most of my career, I am unsure what career I should enter. If the colostomy is able to be reversed, then I can return to my previous vocation, but this is unknown at this time. Without employment, it has been very difficult for my whole family. To see laughter and smiling again would mean the world.”

Nick (43) with daughters Presley (13) and Sarah (21)

Bringing Hope Home helped the Albadine family through our Adopt-A-Family Program and provided the family with gifts and gift cards to brighten their holiday, such as CD’s, clothes, books, and gift cards. We also assisted the family with new school backpacks and supplies for the start of the new school year through our Backpacks for Hope Program.

Nick is now doing very well after treatment! He recently started at a new job working one on one with a kindergartener with autism. It’s full time so in three months he’ll be eligible for health benefits. They go back to Penn the end of this month and expect to hear nothing but good news.

Rachel Ledden Albadine, Nicol’s wife, recently nominated Bringing Hope Home for an award through Isaiah’s Angels Foundation in honor of Isaiah’s 20th birthday. By sharing the unexpected joy her family felt because of Bringing Hope Home, BHH won and was awarded $500 that will go towards helping another family.

Isaiah’s Angels Foundation has worked to support organizations that provide assistance, whether it be through emotional or financial support, to individuals who are experiencing a traumatic life event. The foundation commitment includes issuing a grant to a non-profit organization or family each quarter. Fourth quarter funding is for honorary recipients such as The Gift of Life Family House and/or a charity of the boards choosing. Participants submitted stories and a charity to win a $500 donation in Isaiah’s name! Bringing Hope Home is proud to have received this recognition from Isaiah’s Angels Foundation, thanks to one of our families!