Growing your network can be an essential part of success when building your career. By joining the Young Professionals HOPE Network, you can grow your career while giving back to local families with cancer! Still not convinced a networking group is for you? Here are ten reasons why we think you should join in on the Unexpected Amazingness:


1.Build your resume: Do you have your eye on a new manager position at work but don’t have any managerial experience? The YPHN can give you the experience you need by overseeing a committee. Plus, showing a commitment to building your network and giving back outside of regular work hours shows a great commitment to your professional development.



2. Make new friends: Recent college graduates know firsthand that it can be hard to make new friends. Gone are the days where you had the luxury of making friends with the person sitting next to you in class or standing in front of you in line to grab a quick coffee before heading off to the library. Young professional groups are great because you will be surrounded by many like-minded individuals who are also looking to grow their network.



3. Learn about your community: If you are new to the area, joining the Young Professionals HOPE Network can be a great way to help you explore new places in your community while getting to know local businesses and organizations.



4. Exclusive services & benefits: Joining YPHN can help you gain access to many opportunities to grow professionally. We also offer exclusive discounts to our events and insider information on all things BHH.



5. Gain industry knowledge: Learning about new industry trends can give you that boost of confidence you need to approach your boss with a new idea or project. It can also give you insight into other professions while gaining useful skills that might be nontraditional to your job.



6. Become a mentor: Feeling like you’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge since joining the workforce? Why not help someone on their path to success by sharing those experiences by becoming a mentor? Not only will you being helping someone else, but you will also be developing your own skills and gaining new experiences that could help your career continue to flourish.



7. Stay inspired & motivated: Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in your ways. Connecting with other professionals can offer new and creative ideas, and when you see others excelling in their careers, you will stay motivated, too.



8. Develop leadership skills: The opportunities to lead within a professional group can be endless. From leading your group’s marketing efforts to planning opportunities for the group to develop their skills, there is something for everyone. Share your new leadership experiences with your manager at work so they can see your leadership growth and potential!



9. Job opportunities: Joining the Young Professionals HOPE Network will open you up to a room full of diverse individuals from all kinds of career paths. If you’re looking for a new job, this is a great opportunity to build relationships with other young professionals from different industries.



10. Unexpected Amazingness: Get involved in your community by becoming a light of hope to our families. Join us at one of our signature or third-party events, or you can create your own as a group.