Family Spotlight: Michele

Michele became a part of the Bringing Hope Home Family in May of 2023. Her journey started in July 2022, when Michele was made aware of a cyst located behind her bladder. It was not until she landed in the hospital due to breathing problems that she received a diagnosis of Stage III ovarian cancer.  Michele underwent surgery and began chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments, which was only the beginning of her cancer journey. After enduring such rigorous treatment, Michele knew her recovery would not come easy. Her sheer resilience, strength, and bravery to push through was nothing short of inspiring.


When asked about her experience with Bringing Hope Home, Michele recounts that BHH was, “A different type of experience in relation to other support agencies. Everyone was so encouraging.”

Michele states that her cancer diagnosis has been a journey. “I have good days and I have bad days, but my friends and support system makes the biggest difference.”


Through the Light of Hope Family Program, Bringing Hope Home supported Michele with a payment made toward her rent, and provided Acme gift cards for grocery support.


In her free time, Michele enjoys reading all types of books. She works at the outlets, which she thoroughly enjoys doing. Her biggest piece of advice to anyone battling cancer is, “Don’t give up, keep fighting. Life is too important. Do not let cancer define you.”