Faith’s Story of HOPE

Faith is one of our Amazing Bringing Hope Home Families previously assisted through our Light of Hope Family Grant program. As a mom, she finds great joy in motherhood and loves to stay involved with her children and their extracurricular activities. Faith is passionate about advocating for herself and for her family and has grown to understand that a cancer diagnosis can happen to anyone. She expresses the importance of a plan for financial security should any health issues come along in life.

Faith underwent chemotherapy treatment following her breast cancer diagnosis in November of 2021. “Communication with my social workers and my doctors was key,” Faith shares. She was never afraid to speak up to ensure that her needs were being met, and her feelings validated. Faith encourages others who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis to do the same; advocate for yourself, and speak up when there is something that you need.

Through the Light of Hope Family Grant program, Bringing Hope Home assisted Faith with her cable bill and provided ACME gift cards to help with the purchase of groceries. Faith shared her gratitude for the BHH Staff and said she felt as if her bills were taken care of almost immediately. “There is no other program like Bringing Hope Home!”

Thank you, Faith, for sharing your story with HOPE Nation!