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On Saturday, June 11, 2016, over 40 Bringing Hope Home (BHH) family members attended Hope Smiles, an event that offered complimentary teeth cleanings and evaluations to families undergoing cancer treatment. The event took place at Signature Smiles, a new dental practice that opened their doors this month in Fort Washington, PA.


Signature Smiles reached out to BHH several months ago about hosting an event for our families, offering them complimentary dental care. Many people do not realize that dental needs and other necessities get pushed to the wayside when there is a cancer diagnosis in the family. Other families often have dental needs that arise as a result of their cancer treatment that need to be addressed.


Our BHH families that attended the event were so grateful for the services they received.


“You guys are like my fairy godmother. It’s like you know what I need before I do. I needed my teeth cleaned and a few days before the event, my tooth cracked. I was so glad I was already signed-up to come to Hope Smiles,” said BHH family Tiffany.


In addition to cleanings and exams for our families, one woman and BHH family who attended Hope Smiles will be given a new, custom set of dentures, free of charge. She had to have her teeth pulled out as a result of her cancer treatment and does not have the financial means to purchase dentures, not covered by her insurance. This has made things like eating and smiling very uncomfortable for her.


 Hope Smiles not only included dental services and cleanings, but a festival complete with moon bounces, local vendors, face painting, a raffle, and live music throughout the day provided by local solo acoustic guitarist Jamie Salvatore and the School of Rock of Fort Washington.


We are so thankful to our friends at Signature Smiles for putting together such a great day for our families and for their continued efforts to make sure our families’ dental needs do not go unmet as they battle cancer. 


Check out photos from Hope Smiles here!