Bringing Hope Home was recently introduced to E.S. (family gave permission for her initials to be shared), a 62 year old woman battling stage IV breast cancer. E.S. applied for assistance through our Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant, in partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. During our conversations with E.S., she let us know that she had mold issues in her basement caused by years of severe flooding that started when the Frankford El was built back in the 1920’s. She is raising her three grandchildren who suffer from asthma due to the mold in their basement.


When we heard about the issues this family was having, we reached out to BQ Basement Systems, a basement, crawl space and foundation repair specialist located in Erdenheim, PA which has been helping area homeowners since 1997. When Brian Quinn, owner of BQ Basement Systems, heard about this family’s need, he responded quickly and offered to help.


“We know that living with the issues that cancer causes is tough, but knowing that her grandchildren are suffering from something that can be fixed, made the decision easy for us. We want to save this family’s home,” said Quinn. 


Quinn’s son Brian surveyed the damage and estimated that E.S.’s basement needed about $11,000+ of work to remove mold, install a water guard system to a sump pump, replace damaged paneling, and install a dehumidifier to make sure the family doesn’t have the same issues moving forward. Brian and his staff donated 100% of the labor and equipment and completed the work in two days.


“We could not be more thrilled with what they did for this family. I am constantly overwhelmed by the generous support and unexpected amazingness of people we meet every day. We can’t thank Brian and BQ Basement Systems enough,” said BHH Founder & CEO Paul Isenberg


Thank you BQ Basement Systems for all you’ve done to help E.S. and her family! Thank you also to our friends at Conshohocken Italian Bakery for the custom BHH tomato pies and for providing lunch to the BQ Basement crew, free of charge!