Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit organization that provides Unexpected Amazingness to local Families with cancer through financial and emotional support. Through our Light of Hope Family Grant, we offer a one-time grant to pay essential household bills for Families with cancer. 


Since our inception in 2008, we have supported over 4,517 local Families with over $5.5 million dollars in assistance. Amazingness!

Through Light of Hope Family Grant Program, we directly pay household bills to ensure our Families are able to stay in their homes, with a roof over their heads, utilities on, phones working, and food on the table while they are dealing with cancer.

Light of Hope

Our mission is simple…and the support we offer is Unexpected Amazingness for Families with cancer.


  • Unexpected Amazingness is the sigh of relief you experience when you get a call from Bringing Hope Home letting you know we are able to pay for some bills when you have shut off notices for your rent, oil, and phone.
  • Unexpected Amazingness is receiving a gift card from Bringing Hope Home for groceries when you haven’t eaten in days.
  • Unexpected Amazingness is when you have a hole in your roof that you can’t afford to fix, and every time it rains it pours into your house, and Bringing Hope Home lets you know we are able to cover all the costs and schedules it to be fixed for you.
  • Unexpected Amazingness is when you are told by Bringing Hope Home that we are able to fill your oil tank when moments earlier you had to turn the oil company away because you don’t get paid until next week.
  • Unexpected Amazingness is when our Family Navigator talks to your landlord and negotiates that when we pay one month of your rent, he will give you one month free.
  • Unexpected Amazingness is knowing that people like Bringing Hope Home care, and are here for you and your Family along your cancer journey.


  • Families served: Over 4,500 total Families assisted since 2008
  • Geographic Areas served: PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, CT (check out the exact counties here). (With expansion plans to MD, NY and CT!) 
  • Different types of cancer we work with: 65
  • Number of cancer centers we work with: 62
  • We help men, women and children with any type of cancer


When recently asked to describe Bringing Hope Home in three words in a brief follow-up survey, some of our Families describe us as the following:



Our Light of Hope Family Grant Program is a one-time grant that helps families of any age, gender, race and cancer type. As long as you live in our geographic area, are currently in active treatment for cancer, and are nominated by a member of your oncology team, we want to help!