Judy Swahl

Judy Swahl
Family Outreach Coordinator

Judy’s enthusiasm and her compassion for helping others is a perfect match for Bringing Hope Home. Her calm and empathic demeanor makes our Families feel at ease the moment they answer the phone.

Judy Swahl is our incredible Family Outreach Coordinator. In her role, Judy serves as the liaison between Families, supporters and social workers to make sure our Families have the best experience possible. Judy has been a member of HOPE Nation prior to being a Bringing Hope Home employee – volunteering at various events over the last few years. She immediately felt a deep connection and passion for the cause, the staff, and the positive energy of the organization.

Judy is most proud of raising her two beautiful children Bill and Julia. Judy is married to her husband Bill for over 20 years and resides in Springfield PA. (Go STOMP Team 19064!)