“I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.”


That’s what Pamela told us when describing her journey with cancer. In December of 2016, Pamela felt a lump while taking a shower. She didn’t think too much of it, but by February, it was tender to the touch. She visited her primary doctor who then sent her to other doctors to receive tests. On March 3, 2017, she was diagnosed with lobular carcinoma.

Pamela felt confused, angry and sad – cancer didn’t run in her family. Telling her mother and daughter that she had cancer was devastating, and it was the only time she cried. Unsure of what to do, she went for a second opinion. That second opinion confirmed her original diagnosis.

Pamela is a teacher in the Philadelphia School District, and she didn’t want to leave her students in the middle of the school year. Her daughter was also getting ready to graduate with her Master’s, so she decided to wait until June to seek treatment. However, the cancer became aggressive, so she started chemo right away with her family and two best friends by her side as her support system.


Her bills began to pile up, and because of generous donors, like you, Bringing Hope Home was able to ensure she didn’t fall behind on her household bills.


Pamela knows that God has a plan for her, so she’s done a lot of praying, and she tries to encourage others who are going through similar situations. She even went to the gym through her chemo. Eventually, she had to start wearing a scarf on her head, and people were beginning to ask questions, so she decided to go public about her cancer diagnosis on Facebook in early September.

October was a big month for Pamela, because she was turning 50 years old. She didn’t feel like she wanted to have a big birthday party, but her friends convinced her to have one anyways. Pamela’s selflessness was on full display when she asked her friends to bring donations for Bringing Hope Home instead of presents for her. When she spoke to Judy, our Family Outreach Coordinator, about what ways BHH could best use the money, she decided to adopt Families through our annual Adopt-A-Family Program.

Pamela’s biggest surprise when it came to receiving help from BHH was how generous and genuine the team at BHH was to her. She said, “They were happy for me, and they didn’t even know me.”

To those who are considering donating to BHH, she says, “Just do it. Not only are you blessing someone else, but it feels good to bless your own self by giving to someone. BHH helps everyone. They help the entire family, not just the one who is diagnosed. When you’re in this position, it’s a whole lot of emotions. If you’re thinking about it, please do it because they give to everyone.”

“I’ve learned how many people care. They don’t even know you, and they still care. Don’t go on your cancer journey by yourself, because you can’t do it by yourself. With Bringing Hope Home, it’s not about research or a cure. It’s about ‘How can I help now? What can I do for you now?’”

Today, Pamela says that she’s feeling good. She just had a major surgery and has been able to stay off the pain medications.

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