Understanding & Valuing Empathy: Students Bringing HOPE


“Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.”

– Mohsin Hamid


At Bringing Hope Home, we’re focused on community. Whether it’s supporting them, assisting them, or bringing them together, families’ needs in the battle against cancer become our number one priority. All of the individuals who make up our team or those who appreciate our efforts know the importance of the empathy involved with every family we provide for. Being empathetic is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It takes dedication, compassion, and a noble heart to open up your arms for those who are struggling the most. It’s a quality that can certainly be taught, but never forced and that makes it all the more meaningful.


For our Students Bringing HOPE Program, we aim through the messages we deliver and actions brought forth by our events that everyone who decides to get involved with their school can see the trademarks of empathy put to work. As an organization who consistently values those around us, we know what monumental awareness can be raised by the power of bringing people together. Providing the youth of our communities with a chance to experience making a difference of their own sprouts a lifetime of moments filled with appreciation and gratitude knowing they were once able to do good for someone else out of the kindness of their own hearts.


We allocate many multifaceted opportunities for students (elementary-college) to learn what it takes to give, love, connect, and inspire the unity of others. Taking the first step by starting a BHH Club at your school or Campus Rep Program will open up the many doors to what our cause is all about. When you open up your doors to hope, it’s a life lesson earned! Your creativity as a student body meets no bounds as there are thousands of ways to show affected families, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!”


Students can dream up unique and exciting fundraisers or tailor them to help specific families. We’ve never seen an idea that wasn’t packed full of AMAZINGNESS! From relays, competitions, and races, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s determination such as this, where the entire student body can be a helping hand for those who thought they would have nothing or no one to reach out to. Students will learn that no matter what the size of the endeavor is, their ability to see an impact made and a connection established will be the ultimate reward.


Our Adopt-A-Family Program pairs Bringing Hope Home supporters with local Families that are struggling due to a cancer diagnosis and are in need of love and support over the holiday season. Not only is it a wonderful way to bring together students and families, but it also teaches them the true meaning of spreading cheer during such a magical time: to give back, help others, and experience blessed moments of happiness together in a time when these families need it most.


Students can also volunteer at our signature events for even more great experiences. These signature events include several annual 5K’s and walks, the Divine 9 Open Golf Outing, The Great Guys Dinner, and many more! These events are the highlight of all the hard work and dedication our community has accomplished over the year to help our families. Between awards, guest speakers, and honoring all those who have received the gift of hope, students will see all of their ambitious actions honored for their impact and shared for years to follow.


Being a part of the Students Bringing HOPE Program is more than helping out an organization. The effort and positivity brought forth by those involved is doing more than that, it’s changing lives. This is the most important component we like our students to carry with them. Most importantly, the value of empathy one develops from harboring the shared emotions of gratitude from all of the families lives they were able to touch.


Written by Stephen Polcino, BHH Spring 2018 Intern