Social Worker Spotlight: Terri Clifton from Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

Terri Clifton is a social worker at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital at the Allen Cancer Center located in Seaford, Delaware. Terri refers families and individuals that she works with who have cancer and are struggling financially to Bringing Hope Home for support.


Terri received her masters degree from Wilmington University for science and community counseling in 2002. This field is now called medical social work. Terri always wanted to help those in the community but wanted to work in the medical field. A professor at her graduate college guided her to her life-long job as a medical social worker.


Terri has been working with the Allen Cancer Center for many years now as a social worker, care coordinator, and patient advocate. Terri helps her clients when they deal with financial troubles and also helps them mentally get through their cancer treatments. Terri supports clients with whatever they need. She recounts working with a client who was living in their car and providing them with a hotel room until they got back on their feet. She does whatever she can to support individuals and families. The most rewarding part of her work is seeing her clients preserver through difficult times. The most difficult part of her work is when long-time clients do not make it through their cancer battle.


When it comes to what her clients need the most, she said there is a long list of needs such as financial stability, help with medical bills, loss of insurance because of unemployment due to treatments, etc. With all of these needs, it can become extremely overwhelming for a social worker, but Terri is strong and gives as much help as she can to her clients.


Terri was introduced to Bringing Hope Home (BHH) when she first started working at Allen Cancer Center. Terri says that BHH is always clear on how they can help and their amazing staff is very helpful. If she ever has any questions or needs help with a part of the application process, the staff always assists her with anything that she needs. “To have someone help makes a huge impact”, Terri says. Bringing Hope Home is there to support Terri and her clients, just as Terri is there to support those at the Allen Cancer Center.


Since 2015, Bringing Hope Home has been able to support 28 Nanticoke Memorial Hospital families with $38,374 in grant funds. “BHH has assisted families with things like rent, mortgage, household utilities, transportation costs, and so many other wonderful things,” Terri shares.


“The amount of positivity and happiness my patients express after receiving help from Bringing Hope Home is uplifting.”


Terri spoke about how kind, caring, and patient the BHH organization is and how they keep her clients’ spirits up during uncertain times. In addition, 19 families receiving their cancer treatment at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital have been helped through Bringing Hope Home’s Adopt-A-Family Program over the holiday season. Terri says, “The staff members at Bringing Hope Home care about all patients and social workers!”


Thanks to Terri, many families and individuals have been helped when going through uncertain and scary times. Terri is an amazing medical social worker and we are extremely grateful for all the work she has done for the community and Bringing Hope Home!


Interview and article by BHH Spring 2020 Family Department Intern, Jessica Fetterman