Social Worker Spotlight: Linda Feldman from Fox Chase Temple Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Linda Feldman is a social worker at Fox Chase Temple Bone Marrow Transplant Program in Fox Chase, PA. Linda has been working with Bringing Hope Home since our inception, referring families in need who are battling cancer, have received a bone marrow transplant, and are in need financially.


Linda started her career in social work after completing Graduate School at Temple University in 1981. She originally worked as an educator and taught in an impoverished school system in the midst of an affluent area. Linda realized that she could not create much change in the area she was in unless she influenced the psychosocial environment of her students. This is what led her to social work.


After receiving her license in social work, Linda began working at Fox Chase Temple Bone Marrow Transplant Program. What she loves most about her job as a social worker is working with the families and witnessing their resilience. However, one of the most common challenges she sees her families face is the financial burden that goes along with catastrophic diseases. There are numerous financial needs that are to be met such as travel, daycare, cost of medication, mental health services, etc. There are numerous concrete things her patients need, however, they often receive the short end of the stick. She has witnessed her clients go through most of their savings and receive limited assistance from outside. Linda has described organizations such as Bringing Hope Home as an immense hep for families going through a difficult time.

Linda found Bringing Hope Home (BHH) through the internet and by speaking with other organizations. She has heard from her clients that BHH is extremely helpful and her clients are overwhelmed with the services and support. What is different about BHH is how the services are offered. There is a personal touch that goes along with each interaction between the families and BHH. Though it is a smaller organization, BHH gives resources directly to the families and develops relationships with each client. As Linda stated during her interview,


“It’s imperative and meaningful to know there is a group of like minded people that offer resources to those who need them.”


Thanks to Linda, BHH has been introduced to over 25 families in need and has been able to provide support with essential household bills such as rent, mortgage, gas, electric, water and phone bills, as well as groceries, Thanksgiving meals, gift cards, and gifts during the holiday season. We are extremely grateful for Linda and all the work that she has done for our community and for Bringing Hope Home!


Interview and article by BHH intern Basil Pattamady