Holy Cross Catholic School Hosts HOPE Week

It was a celebration of great achievement and unification at Holy Cross Catholic School in honor of Bringing Hope Home. The school hosted a HOPE Week during their Catholic Schools Week celebration to help support a family affected in their community. Students in all grades dedicated their efforts to raising as much as they could and even made a competition out of it to see who could raise the most. In good sportsmanship and the spirit of helping others, the students’ original goal was shattered when they ended with a grand total of over $3,000 allowing them to help not one, but two families!

Each day of the week stood for something the students aimed to solve or celebrate.

H – Hunger

O – Optimism

P – Perseverance

E – Encouragement

! – Celebration


The students also engaged other various activities to show their love and appreciation in this family’s time of need. To kick-off the week, students collected gift cards that would allow our families to buy groceries. They also held a change collection competition between grades to see who could raise the most money. To help brighten the days of our families, the students made thoughtful cards and bracelets, which are sure to bring a smile to many faces. Finally, to celebrate their incredible efforts, they had one big Eagles-themed dance party on Friday with dance battles galore!

In all, Holy Cross had a HOPE Week that turned out to be a true blessing. Not only did they support all the great efforts of Bringing Hope Home, but they were able to bring hope to not one, but two, local families with cancer. We’re beyond proud of all the Amazingness Holy Cross Catholic School has put forward and cannot wait to see what they’ll do next!


Thank you, Holy Cross HOPE Nation!


Interested in getting your school involved in our Students Bringing HOPE Program?

Click here or email our School Program Coordinator, Molly Callanan, at mollycallanan@bringinghopehome.org.